Games Programming Links

Games Programming Sites

  • GameDev –  game development news, articles and a busy forum
  • DevMaster – a worthy replacement for the now closed Flipcode
  • Riemer’s – DirectX tutorials for C# with XNA and C++
  • Triple Buffer – some great DirectX tutorials
  • 32bits – has some good DirectX tutorials
  • Nomad – games programming
  • AIWisdom – site for games AI

Manufacturer Sites

  • NVidia developer – aimed at the developer has lots of good articles and downloads for the graphics programmer.
  • ATI developers  – as above but aimed at he ATI range of graphics cards

Reference Sites

General Programming


Free 3D Models and Editors

Obtaining free models for your games is not that easy, most sites seem to be just trying to sell nowadays. However I have found the following sites with free models:

  • 3DCafe – a large collection of 3D objects under various categories
  • Klickers – common 3D objects and some textures
  • 3D Plants – lots of plant models
  • FAWS – a number of common 3D objects

Editors / Tools:


Some places to get free textures and sprites

General Textures

2D Sprites and Tilesets


  • ppFonter – a tool for converting true type fonts to bitmaps

If you know of any more I would appreciate the link.

Sound / Music

  • FMOD  – free (for non-commercial use) cross platform audio API
  • OpenAL – another free cross platform audio API
  • FindSounds – masses of free sound effects
  • Sound Effects Archive – some good sounds but be aware of all the pop up ads

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Other Sites

  • GamerBeef – daily updated gaming news from all genres and consoles