Getting Started with Direct3D

This section contains notes to help you get up and running with Direct3D from scratch.

Direct3D Notes

  • Programming the Windows API
    Notes on using the Windows API to set up a basic windowed application. This information is useful for creating game editors as well as being necessary as the foundation for creating DirectX applications. This section also includes advanced information about the GDI drawing functions and using resources.
  • DirectX Q&A
    Common questions and answers about DirectX in general including where to get the SDK, getting help and tracking down DirectX errors.
  • Direct3D Set-up
    How to set up the various Direct3D objects to get access to the API interfaces.
  • 2D Elements – 2D using Direct3D:
    • Direct3D Textures
      All about textures in Direct3D.
    • Direct3D Sprites
      Sprites are helper objects that allow standard sprite operations.
    • Drawing Text
      How to draw text to the screen.

Demo Code: Cube Demo and Direct3D Triangle

Once you have studied the above you are ready to look to create a 3D application. See the notes: Moving to 3D

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