Games Development Organisations & Journals



The International Game Developers Association is a world wide organisation representing game developers. It has a large membership and presence at conferences etc. They have chapters in various parts of the world who meet regularly, including a strong student and academic program.

The IGDA web site is here: IGDA


TIGA is a UK based organisation representing the independent game developer in the UK.

TIGA have a web site here: TIGA


Game Developer

This used to be the number one games development magazine but I think nowadays I prefer Develop. This is an American magazine aimed at the game developer and covers art, design, programming etc.

Game developer have an associated web site here: gamasutra.


This is a UK based free paper (to the industry). You have to have some connection with the games industry to get it but it can be tentative :) Students have no problem. It is a very good journal that mainly concentrates on the UK development industry.

The develop web site (for registering) is here: Develop


This is really a UK consumer level magazine (available from the high-street) but I have listed it here as it is one of the best places to look for games development jobs in the UK.

Edge have a web site here: EDGE (game radar)

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