“It is still magic even when you know how it is done” ,Terry Pratchett

Why Toymaker?

I see the modern day toy as the computer game and those that create them as the toy makers. Today, as it was in the past, it is a highly skilled and highly creative job.

I hope this site will be an inspiration and help to those who wish to learn how to write computer games.

So how did this site come about?

I used to work as a games programmer (last game was Emperor Battle for Dune published by Westwood Studios) before changing careers and became a lecturer in games programming at Teesside University. My long term aim is to get all this games programming knowledge out of my head and on to this site!

Cookies Policy

I do not use any cookies or gather any private information from visitors.

Why adverts?

I am not looking to make a profit from this site but it does cost me money for hosting etc. hence the adverts on most pages. I will never have any pop up adverts and hopefully the ones I have will be fairly unobtrusive. If you would like to help support this site the you can click on a sponsor’s link.

Will there be new content?

The site was dormant for quite some time as I concentrated on my lecturing job. From May 2016 I have started working on it again and I have plans for a lot of new up to date content. In particular I want to write some pages on the software architecture of building a computer game.

Toymaker has existed since June 28th 2004

If you have any queries / bug reports / suggestions etc. please mail me at:

Keith Ditchburn, May 2016

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